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The same theme runs throughout this site, it is the cry of my heart.

Money can’t fix everything but there is no denying that financial support at a critical time can move mountains from a person or family’s path to health, fulfillment of a life’s dream, or facilitate a very needed course correction.

JORHEALING is primarily dedicated to the people whom I personally meet along my own Journey of Redemption who are gracious enough to share their story with me and willing to have their story shared online.

My hope is that some of this real life/real people stories, even just one, will inspire you to participate in the healing and helping opportunities that this movement represents.

Special Note: 100% of all JOR collected donations go directly to the recipients. This includes the GFM 2.9% service fee! I personally try to cover all of the service fees as much as I possibly can to ensure your entire donation goes to them.

If you are making a large donation and would like to help me cover the GFM fees please make sure to add a comment to the donation that you increased your donation to cover the  additional 2.9%



Donation Opportunities

Joe & Rita – October 2018

A beautiful couple in their late 60’s with their own health and financial issues continue to selflessly caretake for others including welcoming the homeless into their home. They can’t afford all the medicine or medical procedures their family needs.

Sadly, donating money to this campaign is currently not possible but prayers are welcome, God knows how to route those kinds of funds!


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