Real People

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Life is often not easy.   Life is often not fair.  We all have a struggle.


The inspiration for this healing and helping movement is inspired by just that; real people with real stories.

Some of them we might even be able to help. I’ve seen what America and good-hearted people can do when we rally around a worthy cause.

Here are just a few of those stories of people I have met in my own personal Journey of Redemption…


Meet Joe & Rita

joe and rita
Disclaimer: Image from  this is a sample picture – not Joe and Rita

October 2018/Half Moon Bay – Their story is heart-wrenching, yet their hearts and selflessness are awe-inspiring. It crushes me that I didn’t get their contact info, I would love to share with them that this entire “JORHEALING” movement was inspired by their life story and how blessed I am that they took the time to share just a small piece of it with me. Click here to read more…



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